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While playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we have realized the open world is very, very, very big. It can get a bit tiring running around everywhere but there’s luckily a collection of horses that you can acquire to make it a bit easier to get to your next destination. One of those horses is the Giant White Stallion.

There are a lot of mounts in Tears of the Kingdom, including Zelda’s Golden Horse. Many players prefer the Giant White Stallion, however, because it’s most definitely the biggest. To get this glorious and imposing horse, you’ll need to complete the A Picture For Highland Stable side quest.

How to get a picture of the Giant White Stallion

Where to find and catch the Giant White Stallion in Tears of the Kingdom  (TOTK) - Dot Esports

Every stable in Tears of the Kingdom has a picture frame installed by the Stable Association. When you head to the Highland Stable, you’ll get a side quest that asked you to find the Giant White Stallion to get his photo.

You’ll find the Giant White Stallion at the Lake of the Horse God. Ironically, you may want to bring whatever mount you already have to make this trek a bit more bearable. Then follow the southwest road from Highland Stable, taking the first left. You’ll end up crossing the Horse God Bridge and then come across where Horse God Malanya used to be in Breath of the Wild.

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the canyon to the east of the Horse God Bridge. This is where you’ll discover the Lake of the Horse God, which means the Giant White Stallion is nearby. In fact, he is often right there in front of you. Just standing there.

Take a photo and then head back to the Highland Stable.

How to tame the Giant White Stallion

You don’t have to walk back, though. You can catch the Giant White Stallion after snapping its photo, tame it, and then ride it back.

This hefty horse will require a good amount of resources, however. You’ll need to take off anything noisy and increase your stealth when approaching. Make sure you approach it with at least two full rings of stamina. You can also feed it plenty of apples to create a stronger bond.

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