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From classic horses to new ones, there are several different mounts that you can choose to use throughout your time in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You will never be without a mount if you desire, and horses are the most common ones you can find in Hyrule. While players might have their preferences when it comes to a particular horse, each one has different stats that allow us to choose the “best one” in Tears of the Kingdom.

There are three horses that you can choose in Tears of the Kingdom and be perfectly well off for the entire game. These horses are fast, powerful, and look like radiant steeds fit for Link. Of course, you can also customize them if you wish to make them look even better. So here are the three horses that I think were the best while I was grinding Tears of the Kingdom.

The best horse to use in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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In no particular order, I believe the three best horses in Tears of the Kingdom are:

  • The Golden Horse
  • The Giant White Stallion
  • Epona

Players will instantly recognize Epona, as it’s been Link’s trusty steed for years. However, Epona can only be acquired if you have a save file from Breath of the Wild installed on your current Nintendo Switch or if you have the Standard Link Amiibo from Super Smash Bros. You can find Epona at the first stable you visit.

As for the Golden Horse and Giant White Stallion, those will take a little more effort. The Golden Horse is acquired via a quest that starts at the Lucky Clover Gazette (south of Rito Village). You can talk to Traysi to begin the Potential Princess Sightings quest. You need to finish this quest in order to acquire the Golden Horse. It requires you to find and tame the horse, which will take some mighty effort.

The Giant White Stallion is located right to the east of the Horse God Bridge in the southwestern part of the map. You don’t need to start a quest to tame the horse, but you will need several upgrades to your stamina. The extra stamina is needed to ensure you can remain on the Giant White Stallion’s back as it tries to buck you off. Once tamed, the Giant White Stallion offers limitless stamina and great power, but it isn’t too fast.

The Golden Horse and Epona are much more balanced in terms of stats, so if you want more speed, go with one of them. However, as long as you’re using one of those three, I believe you’re riding one of the best horses in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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