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Princess Zelda is super worried about her missing golden horse and it’s up to you to find it. After getting spooked and running away, Zelda has requested you find her beloved golden horse — but it won’t be easy.

There are a few things you’ll need to do to find her golden horse. The first, however, is to activate the Potential Princess Sightings quest. If you’re ready to help Princess Zelda, here’s how to bring the golden horse back and become an even bigger hero of Hyrule.

How to start Potential Princess Sightings quest

To start this quest, head to the Lucky Clover Gazette. This is located in the northernmost point of Tabantha Frontier in the northwest of Hyrule Ridge.

Before you head here, complete the Oromuwak Shrine east of the Lucky Clover Gazette first. This will ensure you have a fast travel location right nearby. It also helps to have at a good amount of stamina if you want to be fully prepared.

Once you feel ready, head into the Gazette building to speak to the Editor in Chief, Traysi. You will become a Gazette journalist, starting the Potential Princess Sightings quest.

How to find the golden horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you’re on the mission to find the golden horse, head northwest of Central Hyrule to locate Snowfield Stables east of Hebra Mountains. Once you get here, go to the right of the stables and you’ll see some horses eating hay.

Walk up to Penn and start a conversation with them. You’ll learn more about where Zelda’s horse may have went. But before you head north, stock up on all the equipment and elixirs you’ll need. Then head to the North Tabantha Snowfield.

As you make your way to the North Tabantha Snowfield, you’ll have to avoid a Frost Gleeok unless you want a tough battle on your hands. Sneak past it and you’ll see the horse in the distance, surrounded by other horses. It’ll be easy to see due to its gold coat.

Slowly approach the gold horse from behind and make sure you don’t get detected. Use a stealth-boosting elixir for some assistance. Mount the gold horse and try to calm it down, which requires a lot of stamina. You may have to refill your stamina multiple times with meals to tame the horse.

Once the golden horse is calm, ride back to Snowfield Stables and speak with Harlow and Penn.

How to find Zelda's golden horse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Polygon

Potential Princess Sightings reward

Once you return the golden horse, you’ll receive the following:

  • Royal Bridle
  • Royal Saddle
  • Purple Rupee (50 Rupees)

But even better, you’ll get Zelda’s golden horse! If you’re looking for which horse is best to ride in Tears of the Kingdom, check out our guide on all the possible horses.

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