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Malignant Hearts are one of the several new items that players can acquire in Season 1 of Diablo 4. They are basically a new form of gems for rings and amulets that offer bonuses when socketed. There are four total Malignant Hearts in the game, each possessing a different bonus that can completely change a player’s build. While the primary ways of acquiring the Malignant Hearts are to trap the hearts after defeating Malignant enemies, there is another, underrated way to earn them. This method uses Malignant Ichor, which is a crafting material in Diablo 4.

Malignant Ichor has a few uses, including being a primary ingredient in the crafting of Malignant Invokers. However, you can also use them to purchase Malignant Hearts. When you find Malignant Ichor, it will have a corresponding color to a Malignant Heart, and when you have enough of that specific-colored Ichor, you can exchange them for the same colored heart.

It’s slightly confusing, so allow me to delve into deeper detail in the guide below.

Getting Malignant Ichor in Diablo 4

Malignant Ichor is found in a few different ways. The easiest way to acquire the item is to simply defeat Malignant Monsters and hope they drop Ichor. I find that Malignant Tunnels are the best way of farming Malignant Ichor, as there are more than enough Malignant enemies to kill.

When you receive Malignant Ichor as a drop, go into your inventory to see what color it is. The color will correspond to one of the Malignant Heart classifications, being Vicious, Wrathful, Brutal, or Devious. To craft a Malignant Heart of the same classification, you need 35 of that specific Malignant Ichor. So, for example, if you want a Wrathful Malignant Heart, you need 35 Wrathful Malignant Ichor.

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Once you have that amount, you can head to Cormond’s Workbench in either Kyovashad or south of Ked Bardu. Here, you can exchange the 35 Malignant Ichor for a random Malignant Heart of the same classification. This might not be the easiest way of acquiring Malignant Hearts, but it’s a method that doesn’t require too much extra work on your part.

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