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Climbing icy walls and cliffs is a challenge in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But there are luckily multiple ways to tackle this pesky obstacle, allowing you to reach importnat locations like the Gutanbac Shrine.

There are three common ways to climb icy walls in Tears of the Kingdom, so you can pick which one works best for you. The option that works best for you will depend on how far you’ve progressed in the game and what resources you currently have access to.

Tears of the Kingdom - How to Climb Ice Walls - Gamepur

How to make a log bridge in Tears of the Kingdom

One of the new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom is Ultrahand, which allows Link to create vehicles and other objects by combining materials and items. You can use Ultrahand to create a log bridge that will allow Link to safely walk across gaps.

First, find a stone axe. You’ll be using this to chop down trees. After you make some logs, you can fuse them together with Ultrahand. Place the bridge against the icy cliff so you can get across without a dangerous climb.

Find the Froggy Gear set in Tears of the Kingdom

If you don’t have the patience to gather logs and create a bridge, you can simply slip on Froggy Gear to increase your slip resistance. With this armor equipped, you will be able to climb on surfaces that are slippery from ice or rain.

There are three pieces to equip and all of them are unlocked separately. You’ll have to start with a mini-quest called Potential Princess Sightings. This quest can be activated at Lucky Clover Gazette, where you can be employed as a newspaper journalist. From there, you’ll find yourself traversing to different stables across the map, ranging from the Wetland Stable to the Outskirt Stable.

Check out our complete guide here if you want to get the Froggy Gear as quickly as possible.

Make and use a Sticky Elixir

Another great solution to climbing icy walls is by creating a Sticky Elixir. You’ll need:

  • Sticky lizard or frog
  • Monster parts

Toss these together in a cooking pot to create the gross concoction.

It’s possible to find this elixir pre-made in treasure chests but it’s a very rare occurrence. You’re better off collecting lizards and frogs on mountain walls and cave floors after you leave the Great Sky Island.

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