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One of the three main Relationship Quests in Hogwarts Legacy is with Poppy Sweeting, a nice and beast-loving Hufflepuff that you first meet in Magical Beasts class. You first bond with Poppy over magical beasts, with her eventually showing you Highwing, a Hippogriff that she helped rescue during her youth. However, as you continue to go on quests with Poppy, you’ll begin to see more danger and the uglier side of the Wizarding World. One of the later quests with Poppy in Hogwarts Legacy is called “The Centaur and the Stone,” and it involves you retrieving a special Moonstone.

The Moonstone is required to further Poppy’s questline in Hogwarts Legacy, as it’s the key to saving an endangered species. You were sent to retrieve the Moonstone by a Centaur in the Forbidden Forest, but the Moonstone is not an easy object to find. Below, you can read a step-by-step walkthrough for finding the Moonstone and completing The Centaur and the Stone in Hogwarts Legacy.

Finding the Moonstone in Hogwarts Legacy

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When you arrive at the quest marker with Poppy, you will enter the Moonstone Garden dungeon. It’s a linear dungeon that has you initially completing several Lumos moth puzzles. These can be fairly tricky, but once you know what you’re doing, they become trivial at best.

After you get past all of the Lumos puzzles, you will eventually reach a large room with an equally large hole in the wall to the north. Go through the hole to discover a magnificent waterfall. Unfortunately, you can’t access this room yet, as you need to head down the east corridor to solve yet another Lumos moth puzzle.

Once you are through that puzzle, you will enter a room with a large pool in it. Go into the pool and keep swimming until you see a whirlpool. Swim over to the whirlpool and then press the button prompt that appears, telling you to dive under the water.

When you resurface, make your way to shore and then climb up the grassy path to the giant tree in the middle of the room, which is where you will find the Moonstone lying in wait. With the Moonstone in hand, make your way out of the dungeon and then continue on with The Centaur and the Stone quest in Hogwarts Legacy.