Where to find Michael's Safe key in Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Michael's Safe key
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Where to find Michael’s Safe key in Dead Island 2

Crack open the safe

During your time in Dead Island 2, you will come across dozens and dozens of different locked safes, doors, and other objects. If you approach any of these locks, the game will tell you that you need a specific key in order to open them. Unfortunately, the developers have made most of these keys incredibly difficult to find, which has led players to run around the map for hours looking for a certain one. If you have just entered Michael Anders’ house for the first time in Dead Island 2, then you likely came across Michael’s Safe, which requires the safe key.

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As per usual, the key is not really nearby, at least not in the house where players likely think it would be. Luckily, Michael’s Safe key is also not extremely far away, so players don’t have to go too far to find it and open the safe. If you want to see exactly where to find Michael’s Safe key in Dead Island 2, keep reading the guide below.

Finding Michael’s Safe key in Dead Island 2

From the living room, where the safe is located, you need to go into Michael’s bedroom to the right and then head out the window. This will bring you to the patio and pool area. If you take a right from the window and head toward the pool, you might encounter a high-level enemy by the name of “Michael’s Protege.”

Michael’s Protege holds the safe key by the pool area. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

This is the enemy that is holding Michael’s Safe key, so you need to kill them and then pick up the key that drops from their body. However, we didn’t find this enemy right after entering the pool for the first time. We had to come back sometime later to make the protege spawn in, so keep that in mind when looking for the key.

With the safe key in hand, you can return to Michael’s house, and then use the key on the safe in the living room. Inside the safe, I found a rare Defiant Hunting Knife with 175 power and a mod already installed on it. Your reward may differ, though. Congratulations, you have successfully cracked Michael’s Safe and found the right key in Dead Island 2.

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