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In one of the many extravagant Beverly Hills mansions in Dead Island 2, players will likely stumble into a garage. Here, among all the items to loot, they will find the Family Garage Safe, which requires a key to open it like all other safes in Dead Island 2. Unfortunately, just like most other keys in Hell-A, the Family Garage Safe key is not anywhere close.

This is a common sight in Dead Island 2, as the developers have made most of the keys in the game extremely challenging to locate. Fortunately, we know exactly where you can find the Family Garage Safe key in Dead Island 2. You can see the precise location of the key in the guide below.

Finding the Family Garage Safe key in Dead Island 2

The Family Garage Safe is located at the house just across the street to the left of Michael Anders’ house. It’s one of the only houses without a pool in Beverly Hills. Here, you can find the garage from the side of the house.

Family Garage Safe key Dead Island 2
The location of the Family Garage Safe. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

If you want to find the Family Garage Safe key, you need to head on the road to the north past Michael’s house. Go east down the road until you reach the house with the pool south of Michael’s house. Here, you will see a red line on the map and a blocked-off road in the game. The road will be blocked off with a fence and there will be a few enemies near the fence.

The location of the Nosy Neighbor. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

One of the enemies is named “Nosy Neighbor,” and you need to kill them. I actually had to retry this fight a couple of times due to the zombie catching on fire and then catching me on fire, so be careful of that. Upon killing the neighbor, they will drop the Family Garage Safe key, which they apparently stole before turning into a zombie. Pick up the key, head back to the Family Garage Safe, and use the key on it.

The location of the Family Garage Safe key. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

In the safe, I was rewarded with the rare Bloodthirsty Bowie Knife with 190 power, but your reward may differ. If you also need help finding Michael Anders’ Safe key or The Clean and Snatch Lost and Found quest, read our previous guides.

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