Where to find Fuses in Dead Island 2
Fuses Dead Island 2
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Where to find Fuses in Dead Island 2

Power up those fuse boxes

Throughout the map of Dead Island 2, you will run into many different locked doors, crates, and other areas. Most of these locks can be unlocked using a special key that you are able to find in specific spots amongst the Hell-A zombie outbreak. However, there are other locations that require a different type of unlocking method to open. Sometimes, you will into an unpowered fuse box on the side of a wall or building in Dead Island 2 that requires a Fuse to power on. When the fuse box is powered on, a gate, door, or something else will open, giving players access to a new area, loot, and anything in between.

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With that knowledge in mind, players’ obvious next question will likely be where can they find Fuses in Dead Island 2? If you have wondered about that same question, keep reading below to find out the answer.

Finding Fuses in Dead Island 2

The only Fuses that you will be able to find and acquire in Dead Island 2 come from Traders. These are NPCs that you will meet along your journey and they offer weapons, consumables, and other goods that you can purchase using cash.

The first Trader you will meet will be named Carlos, who is staying at Emma Jaunt’s house. You gain access to Carlos after meeting Sam and unlocking the Workbench in the living room of Emma’s mansion. Carlos will always be right by the Workbench, near the bar area, if you ever need to trade any items. I found several more Traders all over the map, but Carlos is one of the easier ones to visit.

Fuses Dead Island 2
Fuses for sale at Carlos’ shop. | Provided by Dambuster Studios

Luckily, Carlos will usually have a couple of Fuses for sale in Dead Island 2, which cost 1,500 cash each. Usually, Carlos will only have two Fuses at a time, but this supply will reset after the end of each in-game day. So if you need more Fuses, you’ll have to wait some in-game before his stock resupplies. Or, you can visit another Trader in Dead Island 2. Traders are found in most major safe areas of the game.

You can also figure out how to make Medkits using a Trader, which you can read about in our previous guide.

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