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Before you take part in any of the action in Dead Island 2, you will have to pick what Slayer you want to experience the game with. The Slayers themselves have some key differences, mostly in their base stats and a couple of key Skills. However, players will also be hearing a ton from these characters, so they should pick one that they will be able to tolerate for 15-20 hours of gameplay.

While players can pick whatever Slayer they want and still be able to get through Dead Island 2, some fans might want to know who is the best overall choice. Below, you can see our pick for the best Slayer to choose in the Dead Island sequel. We should note, though, that every player’s preference might differ depending on their playstyle.

The best Slayer to pick in Dead Island 2

In total, there are six Slayers in Dead Island 2, and they are as follows:

  • Jacob
  • Bruno
  • Carla
  • Dani
  • Ryan
  • Amy

When you go to choose your Slayer at the start of the game, you can see what the base stats for each character are and which innate Skills they begin with. As players might assume, there are better Slayers than the rest when it comes to their base stats. Each Slayer has a top stat and then a bottom-tier stat compared to the others. There are certainly better stats to start with, as some stats aren’t as important as other ones.

Dead Island 2 Slayer
Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

That being said, my pick for the best Slayer is the poster boy for Dead Island 2, Jacob. The wise-cracking Brit has the perfect personality for a Dead Island game, as he’s witty most of the time, but sincere when he needs to be. Jacob has the following stats:

  • Toughness – 3
  • Stamina – 4
  • Health Recovery – 2
  • Critical Damage – 3
  • Agility –
  • Peak Health – 5
  • Resilience – 1

Jacob’s strongest stat is Peak Health, which allows him to have the most hitpoints out of any Slayer. His worst stat is Resilience, which means he will be more susceptible to elemental build-ups, such as electricity, fire, etc. I found this to not be super important, as you can simply heal using a Medkit and make that build-up negligible.

The innate Skills Jacobn starts out with are also strong, as they allow you to gain a minor damage boost when attacking quickly and give you extra critical hit damage and stamina recharge when your stamina is low. Jacob is a strong Slayer to run through Dead Island 2 with, and his voice lines make his character all the better. If I had to pick the second-best Slayer, it would be Carla, as she also has strong stats that matter more than others.

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