What level should you be for Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld?
What level should you be for Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld?
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What level should you be for Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld?

The first boss requires a certain level

When you get through enough of the tutorial missions in Palworld, you’ll come across your last one, which is to defeat the boss at Rayne Syndicate Tower.

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This is the earliest boss you can challenge in Palworld and it’s quite difficult to defeat, speaking from experience. However, the game doesn’t tell you anything other than you need to beat the boss, so many players have been confused about what level their character and Pals need to be before taking it on.

In the guide below, I’ll explain what the recommended level for Rayne Syndicate Tower is and how you can defeat it in Palworld.

The level for Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld

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There is no required level to enter the Rayen Syndicate Tower boss fight, so you can theoretically go there and face the boss in the game’s opening hours. I absolutely do not recommend this, though, as the boss fight is extremely challenging, even if you have some higher level Pals.

In my experience, you need to be around level 11 or 12 to have a decent chance at defeating the Rayne Syndicate Tower boss in Palworld. I was level 12 and all of my Pals were level 12 as well when I beat the boss, and it was still rather difficult. Although, I defeated the boss solo, so if you’re in a party, you can likely get away with being a slightly lower level since you have some other party members to help you.

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How to beat the boss at Rayne Syndicate Tower

Once you’re ready to take on the boss, you need to head to the northern side of the map. Just keep following the main road from the starting area, go past the ruins and up the hill, and you’ll see the large, glowing tower.

All you need to do is approach the tower’s door, interact with it, and enter the fight. Then, you’ll be treated to a small cutscene and the battle will commence. The fight takes place between you and Zoe, who is riding a Grizzbolt Pal. Grizzbolt is extremely aggressive, has 30,550 health, and uses Electric attacks to damage you and your Pals. You also only have 10 minutes to win the fight; if you don’t, the fight results in death.

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I recommend going in with a Ground type at the very least, such as Gumoss, as these attacks are strong against Electric types. My MVP of the fight was Dinossom, though, as the Grass type dinosaur was able to tank a ton of attacks from Grizzbolt and deal decent damage. I also used my Three Shot Bow to damage Grizzbolt as I was running away from it when it chased me. The bow deals significant damage if you can hit all three of the shots.

If you’re looking to avoid Grizzbolt’s attacks, my best advice is to use the arena’s pillars to weave your way around the attacks and the boss itself. These are great cover and can help you get your bearings during the fight.

Once Grizzbolt goes down within the 10 minutes, you have won the boss fight at Rayne Syndicate Tower in Palworld.

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