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Thursday marked Day 3 of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region’s Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 season; Groups A and B faced off to earn more points towards attending the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm, Sweden, but it was ultimately SoloQGoats who won the day with 64 points.  Though the team didn’t actually win any of Day 3’s matches, they were able to leverage their consistent top five placements and kills to a first place finish.

SoloQGoats take ALGS EMEA Split 2 Day 3 with no match wins

The SoloQGoats roster consists of in-game leader Nicholas David “diffq” Espersen, Shivam “ShivFPS” Patel (who was the number one Bangalore player last Split) and Mark “Zipeth” Christensen. Though they played solidly throughout Thursday’s lobby, the squad never actually placed first in any of the individual matches. Instead, they secured their overall win by placing within the top five in three out of six matches and racking up a combined 32 kills (that’s an average of about 7 kills per game). Those kill points provided SoloQGoats with enough of a cushion to fend off the likes of Mutariuum, who came in second 11 points behind SoloQGoats with 53 points.

In a post-game interview, Shiv acknowledged that their performance on Thursday was a bit up and down. “Quite a few of the games, I think three of them maybe, we were just rolling,” he said. “We continued rolling and just playing aggro and just fighting everyone, really, on the way. There were a few tough games, though.”

Still, this is an improvement over their performance last Split, where they struggled to keep up with their Bangalore comp (though they were still third in the EMEA Split 1 Playoffs). SoloQGoats’ top placement on Thursday came after a third place finish the previous day in the Group A vs. Group D matches for EMEA ALGS Split 2. Thanks to their consecutive days of solid play, they now sit at the top of the ALGS EMEA Split 2 leaderboard.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, the ALGS EMEA Split 2 season has been moved into a full week of play, so all four groups will meet in the ring again on Friday and through the weekend.

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