Apex Legends players going crazy for Caustic in Veiled Collection Event - Upcomer
Apex Legends Veiled Caustic

Apex Legends players going crazy for Caustic in Veiled Collection Event

Apex Legends has announced the Veiled collection event and Caustic is getting all the attention.

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Season 16 is coming to an end in the next few weeks but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in the world of Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment revealed the Veiled collection event, including an abundance of exquisite skins and some limited-time game modes.

The Veiled collection will run for two weeks, starting April 25 and ending on May 9 when Season 17 launches. During this time, Apex Legends players can get 24 exclusive cosmetics, including skins for Wattson, Octane, Rampart, and Gibraltar. Here is everything you need to know about these exciting and fancy skins.

How to Get the Veiled collection event skins — Apex Contagion Caustic

As seen in the Veiled collection event trailer, these skins are something special. The extremely detailed and gaudy skins are full of gold accents and sharp, high-fashion designs. These skins have the legends looking like they are ready to attend an old-school Hollywood ball, a couture style that hasn’t been explored in Apex Legends since the Grand Soiree back in Season 3.

To get these limited-time cosmetics, you’ll have to use Apex Coins or Crafting Metals. If you get all 24 event cosmetics, you can also get a Mythic item as well. For the Veiled event, this will be a Prestige skin for Caustic called Apex Contagion. Every level of this Prestige skin makes Caustic look more and more intense, with the last level bein called “Toxic Scream.”

Apex Legends Caustic

Team Deathmatch Unshielded Deadye mode announced

On top of the glorious skins, Apex Legends players will be introduced to an intense take on Team Deathmatch. This mode is focused on mechanical skill, taking away shields and helmets. Players will also be given three loadouts focused on precision. Unshielded Deadeye will have legends feeling vulnerable, making the gameplay much more pulse-pounding than ever before.

But there’s no hiding allowed. The first legend to 50 kills wins. This means that players will have to brave the open areas to get a victory, exposing themselves to sharp-shooters hiding around the map.