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How to quickly get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale but you may have noticed that a lot of things — from legends to cosmetics — need to be unlocked. And one of the ways to unlock them is with Legend Tokens. But what are Legend Tokens and how do you get them?

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Legend Tokens cannot be purchased with real life moolah. There is actually just one way to get Legend Tokens: leveling up.

How to get Legend Tokens

Legend Tokens shouldn’t be confused with Apex Coins, which can be purchased in the in-game store. You basically exchange real money for Apex Coins, which can be used to buy things within the game.

On the flip side, Legend Tokens are only available by leveling up. Starting from Level 4 and onward, players will earn 600 Legend Tokens every time they level up. This means that you’ll need to simply play the game a lot in order to level up quickly.

Apex level up

If you are looking to level up quickly, you need to maximize how you spend your time in game. The fastest way to level up is by making it to the final ring. So you’ll want to survive as long as you can each match to level up more often. Avoid early game confrontations, focus on reviving your teammates, and only go into a fight when you know you will survive. Eliminating enemies will give you some XP, but it’s not worth it if it also gets you eliminated in return.

You can also level up faster by playing with friends. You can get another extra boost to your XP by having the Battle Pass and taking on challenges. When you log in each day, check the missions and attempt to accomplish them during your matches.

What are Legend Tokens used for in Apex Legends?

Legend Tokens are one of the most desirable currencies in Apex Legends. They are used to unlock new legends, recolor Legendary skins, and even reroll daily challenges. The main use is unlocking legends, of course.