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Apex Legends Mirage Wraith duos

5 worst legends in Apex Legends Season 16 ranked

If you’re looking to rank up in Apex Legends, it’s very important to pick the most meta legends. Some legends are better than others thanks to their abilities as well as updates to the game each season. So who are the worst legends in Season 16? Here are the bottom tier legends to avoid.

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5. Mirage


Mirage is a skirmisher legend that is all about tricking the enemy with decoys. But compared to other skirmishers, like Wraith and Horizon, Mirage isn’t too impactful. His abilities don’t really help teammates either so you’re better off having an Octane on your team to utilize his jump pads. Mirage is fun to play (and his voice lines are the best) but your teammates may groan when you pick him from the roster before dropping in.

4. Wattson

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Wattson usually comes in clutch during the last few rings of the game since her Perimeter Security and Intercept Pylon can lock down a building quite efficiently. But that’s if you can even get to the end game with a Wattson on your team. In the early and mid-game, Wattson doesn’t really add much to the team. This has made her C-tier along with Mirage.

3. Ash

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Ash is a very situational assault legend that mostly seems out for herself. In a meta where rotation and mobility are huge, Ash is a bit lacking. Phase Breach can help your team push or escape, but you can’t really travel back through it. You might as well have a Wraith on your team instead. I feel like I barely even hear about Ash and it’s easy to see why she’s so forgettable.

2. Rampart

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Rampart has a lot of sass but when it comes to actual gameplay, she doesn’t pack as much of a punch. Amped Cover is easily countered and destroyed, making it a bit useless in most situations. Your team is also left vulnerable when you’re using her Mobile Minigun ultimate, which has you sort of sitting in a single position. In a meta that favors movement, that’s the last thing you want to do.

1. Revenant

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Currently one of the worst legends in the entire game, Revenant has a largely useless kit. In most circumstances, he’s too niche to really be super helpful. His most useful ability is Silence, which can stop actually good legends like Wraith from using their abilities. It’s unfortunate but there are better robots to have on your team, like Pathfinder. And Pathfinder never killed anyone’s parents.