Apex Legends hits new all-time peak players on Steam with Season 16
Apex Legends Season 16 players
Legends in Apex Legends. | Provided by Respawn.

Apex Legends hits new all-time peak players on Steam with Season 16

A new season with long awaited changes helps break records for Apex

After Season 16 was released, Apex Legends soared in popularity, hitting a new all-time peak of concurrent players on Steam. This comes as a bit of a surprise, as this spike in the player base isn’t due to a new legend joining the roster. This also breaks the original record, which was set during the launch day of Apex Legends and hasn’t been broken until now.

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A good update increases players in Apex

Apex Legends has always had ups and downs in its player base, due to a multitude of reasons. From balance issues to lack of fresh content, Season 16 is a breath of fresh air. One key difference that Season 16 has is more introspection; more balancing of content that the game already has instead of adding new content. For example, there is no new legend joining alongside the new season, for the first time in a while.

Plus, with a reworked class system giving all classes new unique perks and the new weapon Nemesis, there is some fresh content coming back to Apex Legends. Fans have agreed that Season 16’s Revelry theme is good for its fourth anniversary, with plenty of good content coming via the battle pass. In the end, not having a new legend or map has helped streamline the rest of the game into a more enjoyable season.

Another long-awaited entry into the Apex Legends game modes, Team Deathmatch is finally in with Season 16. This introduces the gameplay to players who don’t want to go down the battle royale modes of Apex. As a relatively standard version of TDM, fans of the game mode from other FPS games can hop in and play pretty easily.

The exact numbers

Speaking of Season 16 enjoyment, the concurrent players record for Apex Legends has stood the test of time since its great launch. Now, with its large community and well-received changes, Apex Legends has broken its own record. According to Steam, Apex Legends peaked at 624,473 players on Feb. 18, 2023.

The previous record, set during launch, was around 510,000 concurrent players. Now, the game has peaked at over 110,000 more players than its launch days.

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