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EA Sports announced an updated schedule for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 on Monday after pausing the event due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The regular season of the EMEA ALGS Pro League Split 2 will begin on Wednesday at 1.pm ET .

Schedule for  Split 2 EMEA

The regular season of the ALGS Pro League Split 2 for EMEA will take place from March 23-28. This means all 12 rounds of the ALGS Split 2 EMEA regular season will be played in five days.  Below are the dates set for each match day.

Match Day 1March 231 p.m. ET
Match Day 2March 231. p.m ET
Match Day 3March .241. p.m ET
Match Day 4March 241 p.m ET
Match Day 5March 251 p.m ET
Match Day 6March 25noon ET
Match Day 7-8March 26noon ET
Match Day 9-10March 27noon ET
Match Day 11-12March 28noon ET

While the dates for the regular season are set, EA has yet to confirm dates for the Split 2 playoffs. There is also no confirmation if the EMEA Challenger Circuit will take place in this split.

Also, Russian and Belarusian players are banned from competing in the EMEA ALGS Split 2 unless they relocate to another country. Without relocating, these players will not be allowed to compete in the Pro League even under a neutral banner.

How to watch ALGS Pro League Split 2

The EMEA ALGS Split 2 will be broadcast on YouTube, Twitch as well as Steam. To watch on YouTube, fans will have to view through the official Apex Legends Global Series account. Additionally, fans can also follow the Apex Twitch account for all EMEA matches.

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