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Palworld is the first major title to release in 2024 and it’s already seeing success within the community. However, a common question that has popped up amongst the player base is how to change the language in Palworld.

There is seemingly no option to switch the language in the settings of Palworld, which has left some players frustrated. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to changing the language in Palworld, and you can see exactly how to do it in the guide below.

Change the language in Palworld

While you might think the only way to change your in-game language is to go into the game itself, that’s not how it’s done. Instead, you have to close your game and head into Steam. This problem only exists on PC, as console players should have their language set through their system’s settings already.

If you’re on PC, exit out of the game and go into your Games section in Steam. Here, follow the steps below to change the language in Palworld:

  • Find Palworld in the Games section of your Steam Library
  • Hover over the game and right-click on it
  • Select “Properties” from the menu that appears
  • In the General tab, look for the Language section
  • Click on the drop-down menu in the Language section and select the language you want
  • Confirm this selection and then open Palworld again
  • If you did everything correctly, your new language will be in-game

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And that’s all you need to know about changing the language in Palworld. Not every single language in the world is available to use, though, so you only have the options that are presented to you. Fortunately, most of the world’s major languages are available, so anyone who’s playing should be able to use one that’s right for them.