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Last Epoch is finally here in a fully released state. The ARPG has been available for many months in beta, but now, it’s complete, and with the release comes an influx of new players.

Unless you’ve played Last Epoch before you might be a little confused by some of its systems. Fortunately, getting a start in the game is extremely accessible and with a few tips, you can be on your way in no time.

A beginner’s guide to Last Epoch

Last Epoch castle visuals
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

To help out new players jumping into Last Epoch for the first time we’ve put together a list of tips that should get you on the right track.

These tips are relevant to players starting fresh and will work until around level 20. After that, once you’ve selected a mastery, you should start to get a hang of how things work and have the chance to experiment with the game’s more complex system.

To keep things simple we’ve decided to cap this beginner’s guide off at that point. Here’s what you should know before starting your Last Epoch journey.

Research the class for you

The first major choice you need to make in Last Epoch comes at the character creation screen. This is picking between the five available classes. Each of these has its pros and cons and might be perfect or terrible for your play style.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online that lay out exactly what each class can do and the three mastery options within them. Take some time before playing to check out what is on offer and select the right one that you’re going to enjoy venturing through Last Epoch with.

Druid Last Epoch
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

Try your abilities

In the early stages of Last Epoch, there is no real commitment when trying abilities so we suggest giving them all a go. You’re going to unlock several new attacks before selecting your mastery and you can mix and match them until you find the best loadout for you.

Of course, some of these moves are going to change when you unlock a mastery, however, you’ll want to work out a few that work for you to complement your later choices. The best advice would be to simply try them all!

Don’t hesitate to use potions

Typically you can only hold two or maybe three potions in the early goings of Last Epoch so it can be daunting to use one in battle. While you don’t want to waste them, don’t stress too much about using potions as enemies drop a lot of them.

You’ll typically pick up a new potion within two or three waves of enemies after using one, especially early in the game, so we highly suggest using them when you need to rather than waiting for the last second.

Be picky with loot

There is a lot of loot in Last Epoch and you’re going to see it drop from mobs everywhere. The problem, you only have limited inventory space so we suggest scrolling through the items and only picking up the ones that benefit your class.

What’s the point in filling your inventory with axes as a Rogue? There is none, especially this early in the game. Instead, just collect the weapons and armor that suit your class and that should give you adequate inventory space.

Paladin screenshot Last Epoch
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games


While it’s easy to head straight towards an objective there are benefits to exploring the surrounding areas, even if they are off the path. With more enemies, there is more loot, and often this can be rarer loot. Furthermore, taking out the extra mobs is going to help you level up faster and prepare you for whatever the object might throw at you.

Take notice of the ground

Powerful Laste Epoch enemies will telegraph their moves meaning that you can see them coming for a short time before they land. Typically, these attacks are represented by a blast zone appearing on the ground seconds before the move begins.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to get out of the way. While it can be hard to keep track when there are a lot of enemies, it’s important to ensure you’re watching the ground for any major attacks about to land.

These are the basic tips for any beginner in Last Epoch. Of course, there is a lot more depth to be found in the game, however, knowing these things should get you through the first 15-20 levels fairly easily.