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Online games are always going to come with issues. When there are servers involved there is room for error, and Last Epoch is no exception.

The popular ARPG requires an internet connection to play meaning when servers are struggling the gamers will feel it, but there’s nothing worse than not knowing whether a problem is on your end, or the games.

Before you start thinking your setup has issues, here is how you can check the server status for Last Epoch to rule out any widespread issues.

How to check Last Epoch’s server status

Last Epoch keyart
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

Unfortunately, there is no official server status page for Last Epoch, however, you can get a good idea of what its current status is thanks to the community pages for the game.

The best place to check is X. The Last Epoch X regularly has announcements regarding downtime and issues that the game is facing, so if you find that you can’t get a connection to the server, there likely has been an announcement made about it there.

Similarly, Discord is another great place to look. The official Last Epoch discord is somewhere that the devs use to keep players in the loop about issues with the game, or if a patch is coming out that will require servers to go offline. Whatever it is, you can probably read about it there.

If you can’t see any details via the two methods above then user-reported sites should be your next port of call. Last Epoch has a Gamebezz page where players can report issues, so if you check this and see there are others in your situation then you can confidently say the problem isn’t on your end.

Reddit is another good place to look as when something breaks in the game you can bet there are plenty of players asking questions. Again, if you see others having problems then you can rule out your setup being the issue, and instead wait for official news.

These are four great ways to determine the server status of Last Epoch but if you’re still having issues we suggest lodging a support ticket so that the team can investigate your case.