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Will Lords of the Fallen receive a day-zero patch? The highly anticipated release of Lords of the Fallen’s new version is already concerning for players. Critics have published their review of the game, and many of them pointed out issues with the game’s performance across PC, PS5, and Xbox.

After review scores went live on Oct. 12, showing an average 77 on Metacritic and 74 on OpenCritic, developer Hexworks admitted to issues with the pre-release builds of the game, leaving players wondering if the company is preparing a day-zero patch for Lords of the Fallen.

Hexworks admitted that the Xbox version of Lords of the Fallen will suffer the most from performance issues at launch. The PC and PS5 versions are already receiving pre-release updates to improve their stability and quality, as reported by players preloading the game or who own review copies of it.

Will Lords of the Fallen get a day-zero patch?

It’s unclear if Lords of the Fallen will get an update on October 13, the game’s release date. Hexworks, despite acknowledging performance issues, said a patch “will release in the coming days.” Reddit users with review copies of the game have also confirmed the game updated several times in the past few days, which made performance improve on PC and PS5.

At the same time, other players say Lords of the Fallen on Xbox has “extremely low quality” textures, “cinematics are missing all texture details,” and that the game camera “is seriously terrible.”

Despite these issues, all Lords of the Fallen versions are releasing at once on PC, PS5, and Xbox on October 13. To improve the performance in any of these platforms, you can follow the universal guidelines of reducing the game’s graphical quality and resolution, which will make it look a bit uglier but give you some extra frames-per-second you might need for smooth gameplay.

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