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Lords of the Fallen fans, your prayers have been answered. This sequel to the original 2014 Soulslike ARPG of the same name is nearly out. Depending on who you ask, Hexworks and CI Games’ latest title is either a diamond in the rough or a hard pass filled with “clichés and performance woes.”

Divisive, no? But who cares what gaming journalists think. Chances are you’ve already pre-ordered your copy, and for good reason. This is one brutally challenging game that you don’t want to miss out on.

So, when can you start playing it? Lords of the Fallen has different release times for different platforms. According to the official Lords of the Fallen account on X, the game launches globally on Oct. 13. However, console players get a head start on PC users, and different time zones receive access earlier than others. Here’s what you need to know, depending on your platform of choice.

Lords of the Fallen console release times

If you pre-ordered Lords of the Fallen on console, we have good news: You get to play the game as soon as possible. At midnight local time, the game is immediately available. Here’s the full release schedule calendar for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players, in order of time zone:

Australia: 12am, local time
Japan: 12am, local time
China: 12am, local time
Saudi Arabia: 12am, local time
Poland: 12am, local time
Italy: 12am, local time
Germany: 12am, local time
Spain: 12am, local time
United Kingdom: 12am, local time
Portugal: 12am, local time
Brazil: 12am, local time
New York: 12am, local time
Colombia: 12am, local time
Mexico: 12am, local time
Canada: 12am, local time
Los Angeles: 12am, local time

In other words, Lords of the Fallen will release on console at 11pm CT on Oct. 12 for New York City residents, as the game launches at 12am ET on Oct. 13 in the Big Apple.

Lords of the Fallen PC release times

Release times set for Lords of the Fallen
CI Games

Things get a little more complicated for Lords of the Fallen fans on PC. We’ve provided the same list above for each region and location, this time with the various local launch times on PC.

Australia: 1am on Oct. 14, local time
Japan: 11pm, local time
China: 10pm, local time
Saudi Arabia: 5pm, local time
Poland: 4pm, local time
Italy: 4pm, local time
Germany: 4pm, local time
Spain: 4pm, local time
United Kingdom: 3pm, local time
Portugal: 3pm, local time
Brazil: 11am, local time
New York: 10am, local time
Colombia: 9am, local time
Mexico: 10am, local time
Canada: 10am, local time
Los Angeles: 7am, local time

Generally speaking, this means Lords of the Fallen’s PC release is planned for around 9am CT on Oct. 13. Plan accordingly, as you may be able to play as soon as you wake up — or you may need to stay up late to access the game on Steam.

Lords of the Fallen is available Oct. 13 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. This game has no early access period, so if you pre-ordered the game, you’ll have to wait until the times listed above to start playing.