How to water the Crusher in Palworld
How to water the Crusher in Palworld
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How to water the Crusher in Palworld

The Crusher only works with some water

One of your early game Base Upgrade objectives in Palworld is to construct a Crusher, which can turn normal resources like Stone into more advanced ones, such as Paldium Fragments. The Crusher can be quite valuable for passively gathering resources, but it only works after you give it some water in Palworld.

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More specifically, the Crusher says it “Needs Watering” before you can do anything with it. This can be a little confusing, as there’s no way to put water inside the Crusher manually. If you want to use the Crusher but don’t know how, I have the perfect guide for you down below.

Watering the Crusher in Palworld

First and foremost, you actually don’t need to do anything with the Crusher itself in order to water it. Instead, one of your Pals will do all of the work for you.

There are certain Pals in Palworld with the “Watering” skill, which means they will water anything that needs it in your base. This includes the Berry Plantation as well as the Crusher. I used a Pal like Teafant, which is found near the Rayne Syndicate Tower, and made sure they were working in my base by using the Pal Management section of the Palbox.

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Once Teafant was working in the base, they were able to water the Crusher right away, powering it up and allowing me to start using it to passively make Paldium Fragments. The only thing you need to do is ensure that whatever Pal you use to water the Crusher is kept happy and healthy in your base. If the Pal is constantly sleeping or upset, then it won’t work and you won’t be able to water the Crusher or use its other skills.

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You can check if a Pal has the Watering skill by catching it and then checking the Paldeck. Under their description, you will see all of their available skills. The Watering skill is a base skill, so check to see if a Pal has it and if it does, you can put them in your base to get to work. Most Water type Pals have this skill, so I would focus on finding some of that type if you need watering done quickly.

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