How to teach Pals new moves in Palworld
How to teach Pals new moves in Palworld
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How to teach Pals new moves in Palworld

Give your Pals the best moves possible

When you catch a new Pal in Palworld, your first instinct might be to check what moves it knows. These are known as Active Skills and are found on the Pal’s page in the party tab or the Paldeck. While your newly caught Pal might have some strong moves, other Pals won’t have useful attacks right off the bat. Luckily, you are fully able to teach any of your Pals new moves in Palworld, but only through one specific method.

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Teaching new moves to Pals in Palworld

A Pal can learn a new move in two ways: by leveling up or teaching them one. The former is an automatic process that happens whenever a Pal reaches a level where it learns a new move. If a Pal already knows three Active Skills at the time this happens, though, you need to switch your Pal’s skills around manually.

As for teaching a Pal new moves, this is not an automatic process and instead takes quite a lot of time. The only way to teach a new move to a Pal is by finding a Skill Fruit. Skill Fruits are located on special trees that spawn all across the map. However, these trees are pretty rare to find and only spawn three Skill Fruits each.

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If you happen to find a Skill Fruit tree, pick the three fruits off the hanging branches. Each Skill Fruit will be for a different type in Palworld and contain a specific Active Skill. For example, one of the Fire Skill Fruits you can find has the Spirit Fire skill.

Once you pluck the fruit from the tree, it goes into your inventory. You can then right-click on the fruit and teach it to any one of your Pals. However, there are some exceptions, as Pals with the same typing as the Skill Fruit sometimes can’t learn the Active Skill you’re trying to teach it. For the most part, though, you should be able to teach any of the Pals in your party the Active Skill from a Skill Fruit.

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I recommend teaching Pals Active Skills that share the same typing as them, if possible. Of course, there are some instances where you may want a Pal to learn an Active Skill with a different typing, so it depends on your situation.

Before you go to teach a Pal an Active Skill, check to see what attack it is by hovering over the Skill Fruit in your inventory. On the pop-up for the fruit in the inventory, you can see what Active Skill it contains and what power the skill has. Then, once you’re ready to teach the skill to a Pal, click on the Pal’s name after selecting a specific Skill Fruit. That Pal now knows the Active Skill from the Skill Fruit. If your Pal already knows three skills, though, you have to go in and manually set the new skill yourself.

Skill Fruit trees are usually found in tough-to-reach locations, so make sure you’re scouring the map of Palworld to ensure your Pals have access to the best moves possible.

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