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Every Pal you catch or acquire in Palworld comes with at least one active skill, which are the skills it uses in battle. As the Pal levels up, though, it learns new active skills based on its typing, which means you eventually might need to switch out some of its skills so it can be more effective in Palworld.

Whether your Pal learns a new skill by leveling up or you teach it one, every Pal can only have three active skills set at a time. If you Pal knows more than three skills, then the ones that aren’t on the active list are banked. These skills can replace any of a Pal’s current active skills at whatever time you want, but the process to do this can be a little confusing.

You can see the entire process of switching a Pal’s skills around in Palworld in the guide below.

Switch a Pal’s skills in Palworld

Once you understand how to switch a Pal’s skills, it’s an easy process to take advantage of in Palworld. The exact steps to do so are viewable below:

  • Open up the Party menu in Palworld
  • Click on the Pal you want to switch skills on
  • A new menu will pop up that lists all of the Pal’s details
  • Under Active Skills, you’ll see a list of the Pal’s current skills
  • Press on the Active Skill you want to replace and a pop-up will appear that shows all of the skills you can replace it with
  • Select the new skill you want to equip and press it
  • The new skill will replace the old skill, allowing the Pal to use it in battle
Screenshot via Upcomer

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And it’s that easy. Pals can learn a plethora of skills, especially if you teach them some by giving them Special Fruits. I recommend always checking your Pal’s skills to see if they learned any new ones by leveling up, though, as the game won’t automatically switch a Pal’s skills just because one deals more damage than the other. You have to switch the skills manually, so keep that in mind if you feel like a certain Pal doesn’t have the best active skills as they continue to level up.