How to retrieve stored arrows in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty stored arrows
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How to retrieve stored arrows in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

A roundabout way of refilling your quiver

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has some incredible moments, strong gameplay, and the boss fights are challenging, but not pull-out-your-hair challenging. It’s a great entry to the Soulslike genre for many players, allowing them to experience a difficult game without it being impossible for some to beat. However, to go along with a mostly solid game, there are definitely several questionable decisions when it comes to the design of some in-game systems. One question that many Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players have is in regard to their stored arrows.

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For the most part, your quiver will only be able to hold 10 arrows and 6 crossbow quarrels. While this isn’t an issue in and of itself, it becomes one when you realize that your quiver does not refill automatically. If you want to learn how to get more arrows after you run out in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, keep reading below.

Getting back stored arrows in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

If you’re like many Wo Long players, then you likely went to a Battle Flag and purchased dozens of arrows for thousands of Coppers early in the game. After all, nobody wants to run out of arrows during the middle of a fight. However, after you bought them, you likely saw a majority of them go into storage.

Unfortunately, the game never explains where or how to access this storage so you can retrieve any overflow items you bought, such as arrows. In order to access your storage in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you need to make it to the Hidden Village, which is accessed after completing Part 2. Here, you can walk down a vine to visit the blacksmith. Talk to her and then press the “Upgrade” option on the menu.

Get stored arrows back Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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On the Upgrade menu, you need to press Square on PlayStation/X on Xbox. This will bring up your storehouse, which houses all of the items you bought but couldn’t carry. Here, you can see every single item you have in storage. To bring anything into your active inventory, click on the item and then say “Move to Inventory.” You will have to specify the amount, but you won’t be able to go over your limit. So, for example, you can only have 10 arrows at a time, no matter how many you have in storage.

If you run out of arrows or any other item in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you have to visit the Hidden Village again to retrieve extras from the storehouse. It’s a confusing system that will take players time to get used to.

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