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One thing that players absolutely did not expect when traversing the world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is demon pandas. At around the five to seven hour mark of the game, players will encounter a panda sitting on the ground. Your companion will comment by saying that demons take the shape and form of all kinds of different objects and creatures. The game will go on to explain that the panda you see on the ground is called Shitieshou, a demon that presents no current threat to you in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

However, the game also recommends that you feed the Shitieshou some metal objects, as that’s what it likes to feed on. Upon doing so, the Shitieshou will reward the player with some kind of item or gear piece. While this is great news for players looking to score some free loot, the process of actually dropping an item in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be difficult to do.

Drop items for the Shitieshou panda in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

When you’re standing right next to the Shitieshou panda, you can follow the steps below to drop an item to feed it.

  • Open up your main inventory
  • Find a metal object you want to drop (an extra weapon or gear piece will do)
  • Click on the item you want to drop and press the “Drop” option at the bottom of the box that appears. Do not press “Discard,” as this will simply get rid of the item all together
  • Watch the panda go up and eat it
  • Interact with the loot that the panda throws out
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty panda
Provided by Koei Tecmo

The item you receive as a reward for your act of kindness is random, but it will be the same level of rarity as the item you gave the panda. So if you want a better reward, give the panda an item of high rarity.

You can find Shitieshou pandas all over the different levels of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. But once you have gotten a reward from one of them, you can’t use that panda again.

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