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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a truly difficult game, complete with frustrating bosses, hard-to-learn combat, and several different systems in play all at once. However, life in the Three Kingdoms gets much simpler once you gain the ability to upgrade your weapons and armor in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Unfortunately, you do not gain the ability to upgrade your weapons and armor from the get-go. Instead, you need to complete all of part two, giving you access to the game’s central hub area, the Hidden Village. It’s here that you meet an NPC who will take care of all of your upgrading needs for the foreseeable future. However, the upgrade menu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be a little confusing, so allow us to walk you through it.

Upgrade your weapons and armor in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The NPC that will upgrade your weapons and armor is Zhu Xia. She is initially found before reaching the Hidden Village, as you will complete a quest during part two involving her. Once you reach the Hidden Village, though, she will have her complete shop ready.

At her shop in the Hidden Village, you can speak to her and access the weapons and armor menu. Here, you can scroll through different menus, one of which is “Upgrade.” On this menu, you can select a piece of armor or a weapon that you wish to upgrade. Upgrading in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty simply means adding a star rating to your item. You can see what star rating your weapon or armor has by looking at its box in your inventory or at Zhu Xia’s shop.

How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Provided by Koei Tecmo

Once you have selected what you want to upgrade, you will see what required materials you need on the righthand side of the screen. This will usually be some rank of steel or leather in the early-mid parts of the game. If you have the desired materials, press confirm and your armor or weapon will be upgraded to the next star rating.

To further customize your armor and weapons, you can add and remove certain stats from them along with embedding certain jewelry on them. These systems can be accessed via Zhu Xia’s shop as well.

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