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Have you ever wondered if there was a way to completely mitigate the damage that Gloom does to you in the Depths of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Gloom is a nasty effect that damages you almost as soon as you enter the Depths of Hyrule. While you can consume some items to stop the Gloom from harming you, those are more temporary fixes rather than permanent ones. The only permanent way of stopping the Gloom in Tears of the Kingdom is to find and equip the Depths Armor set.

The Depths Armor set essentially stops Gloom from damaging you while you are in the Depths. Of course, finding the armor set is no walk in the park, just like any other armor set in Hyrule. If you want to find the Depths Armor set, you can read my guide below, where I explain all of the steps in detail.

Getting the Depths Armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Unlike many other armor sets in the game, the Depths Armor set is not found by simply searching different locations or starting a quest. Instead, you can purchase the armor set piece by piece using the Poes currency. Poes are only good at the Bargainer Statue shop, which only becomes available to you after finding other Bargainer Statues scattered across the map.

The first bit of armor you can acquire for this set is the Tunic of the Depths. This is sold for 150 Poes, and only becomes available in the shop after you have found two Baraginer Statues. You don’t need to visit a specific statue to make the tunic appear, so after finding your second statue, simply talk to it, and you’ll be able to purchase the tunic.

Next up is the Gaiters of the Depths, which is sold for 200 Poes and becomes available after finding four statues. Finally, we have the Hood of the Depths, which is sold for 300 Poes and appears in the shop after finding six statues.

With those three pieces of armor acquired, you now have the complete Depths Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’re interested in other armor sets, you can also read our guide on acquiring the Froggy Armor set.

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