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Small Pal Souls might not be a top priority for you in terms of resource-gathering in Palworld, but they are an essential item to find if you want your Pals in top-notch shape.

While there are three differently sized Pal Souls in Palworld, the small variation allows you to upgrade four of your Pal’s key stats. By building a Statue of Power and choosing to “Enhance your Pals,” you can use Small Pal Souls to upgrade a Pal’s health, attack, defense, and work speed. As you increase each of the stats for a Pal, you need more and more Small Pal Souls, meaning you can never really have enough of them.

To see where to find Small Pal Souls in Palworld, keep reading my guide below.

Getting Small Pal Souls in Palworld

Screenshot via Upcomer

Fortunately, there are a few different ways to acquire Small Pal Souls on your island. Like many other resources in Palworld, the easiest way to farm Small Pal Souls is through killing or capturing specific kinds of Pals. I recommend catching the Pals if possible, as you’ll get more XP for doing so over killing them. There are only a few Pals that drop Small Pal Souls, though, which include:

  • Daedream
  • Felbat
  • Nox
  • Cawgnito
  • Maraith
  • Tombat

Daedream is by far the easiest Pal to source for Small Pal Souls, as it’s found all over the island and right near the starting area of Palworld. However, you will have to wait for nighttime to consistently find Daedream, as they are more commonly seen when the moon is out. As for the other Pals, you’ll have to progress much further into the game to stumble on them.

Aside from killing or capturing Pals, you can also find Small Pal Souls through RNG around the island. Small Pal Souls are found lying on the ground in random spots, as seen in the screenshot at the top of this guide, and through opening chests. Both of these methods require random luck, so I don’t recommend using them as your main source of Small Pal Souls. However, it’s always nice to see a Small Pal Soul lying on the beach, so keep a lookout for the gray objects.

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And those are the three primary ways you can go about getting Small Pal Souls in Palworld. When you eventually find some, make sure to build a Statue of Power in your base and use the souls to upgrade your favorite Pals to make them stronger in battle or while working.

If you’re wondering about where to get Medium and Large Pal Souls, check out my other guides for how to find those as well.