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Gloom guide

How to get rid of Gloom effect in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Gloom is a new mechanic in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — and it’s not a great one. Gloom is a stacking debuff that reduces your max Hearts the longer you’re exposed.

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The Gloom is usually found in the Chasm Depths of Hyrule. If you stand in a patch of Gloom, your Hearts will deplete and you can eventually die. You’ll also see many monsters infected with Gloom, spreading it. What can you do if you, too, get exposed?

Remove Gloom buildup in Tears of the Kingdom

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There are three main ways to remove Gloom and even recover your lost Hearts.


The simplest way to remove Gloom is to find the nearest Lightroot and activate it. A first time activation will release powerful light that completely heals you. This includes cleansing Link of Gloom. Your lost Heart slots will also be unblocked but you’ll have to eat something to fill them up again.

Travel to the surface

Fast travel to the surface, escaping the Chasm Deaths, if you want to remove Gloom. If you do this, however, you won’t be able to return the area you just left. You’ll have to head back into the Depths and make your way through it once again, avoiding Gloom as best as you can.

Eat Sunny Meals

Sunny Meals are meals that include Sundelions. If you create a meal with this ingredient, you can restore your Hearts completely. The more Sundelions you add to your recipe, the more Gloom will be removed. Aside from Sundelions, add meat, mushrooms, or Hylian Herb to create a hearty and healthy meal that takes away your Gloom exposure.

Prevent further Gloom damage

Once you’re healed of all Gloom damage, you are probably going to be weary of going back into the Chasm Depths. Luckily, there are ways to prevent Gloom damage from effecting you.

One way is to get a special armor set that increases your Gloom resistance. Known as the Armor of the Depths, it can be obtained by delivering Poes to the Bargainer Statues.

You can also prepare Gloom resistance-focused meals using Dark Clump. Add meat, mushrooms, or anything else alongside the Dark Clump to make a meal that has Gloom resistance — you have a longer resistance duration the more Dark Clumps you use.