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The Alchemist requires all manner of crafting ingredients in order to make the healing potions, elixirs, and incense that you will need throughout your journey in Diablo 4. From Howler’s Moss to Blightshade, you will have to travel all across the map in order to procure all of the necessary ingredients you need.

One of the materials that some players might have trouble finding in Diablo 4 is Lifesbane, which can a difficult ingredient to find.

Like most other herbs in Diablo 4, you can only find Lifesbane in a certain region of the map. Below, I will explain exactly what that region is and one other way to obtain Lifesbane in Diablo 4.

Getting Lifesbane in Diablo 4

The only part of the map you can loot Lifesbane in Kehjistan, the desert region located in the southwest part of Sanctuary. As with any other plant, it will randomly spawn on roads and other areas within the map. When you find it, simply walk over to it, interact with the plant, and then loot it from the ground. Lifesbane has a green stem and then big, red bulbs atop the stems.

get Lifesbane in Diablo 4
What Lifesbane looks like in Diablo 4. | Screengrab via Upcomer

In addition to finding it as a lootable plant in the world, you can also acquire Lifesbane as a reward for completing side quests. When you complete a side quest, you will be given gold, XP, and a random cache. This cache is automatically added to your inventory and can be opened up by right-clicking on it.

If your cache happens to be an herb cache, then there is a high likelihood you will receive a few Lifesbane when you open the cache.

However, this is not a guarantee, as I have opened several herb caches and have not gotten the specific herb I was looking for. It’s still worth the trouble if you don’t want to go looting around in Kehjistan, though.

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