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If you have been progressing in Diablo 4, then you likely have come across the need for a certain crafting ingredient by the name of Howler’s Moss. You will first require this ingredient to either upgrade the potency of your healing potion at level 45 or create one of several different Elixirs. Either way, the Alchemist’s shop is where you will find the need for Howler’s Moss most of the time.

To some players, Howler’s Moss is a common commodity that they have in spades. However, to others, the ingredient is a completely unknown material in Sanctuary and they have no idea where to find it. The reason for this stark contrast is due to the fact that some players visited a certain region in Diablo 4 first while others still have not been there.

Howler’s Moss only grows in this one region of the map, and I will explain how to go about getting it in the guide below.

Getting Howler’s Moss in Diablo 4

get Howler's Moss in Diablo 4
What Howler’s Moss looks like in the world. | Screengrab via Upcomer

As some players likely already know, Howler’s Moss can only be found in Scosglen. This is where Act 2 of Diablo 4 takes place, and if you are still on Act 1 or jumped straight to Act 3 in Dry Steppes, then you probably don’t have any Howler’s Moss yet.

To find it, all you need to do is walk around the starting area of Scosglen. I was able to find three different Howler’s Moss plants within my first five minutes in the region. The amount of Howler’s Moss you get per plant varies, so you might need more depending on your needs. To satisfy the level 45 healing potion upgrade, for example, you need 12 Howler’s Moss.

get Howler's Moss in Diablo 4
The in-game description for Howler’s Moss. | Screengrab via Upcomer

The only other way to obtain Howler’s Moss in Diablo 4 is to open caches you receive for completing side quests. Some side quests will reward you with a cache that, when opened, spills out ingredients such as Reddamine, Angelbreath, and Howler’s Moss.

So, you either you need to complete several side quests or walk around Scosglen to receive Howler’s Moss in Diablo 4. Either way, you should be able to get enough for whatever you need within an hour or two of playing.

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