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Aside from the basic resources like Wood and Stone, Ingots are perhaps the most important resource to have in Palworld. They are the key ingredient in dozens of crafting recipes and are also needed to repair your weapons and create all sorts of Pal Spheres.

However, the early game of Palworld doesn’t call for Ingots, so when you suddenly need them, it can be confusing to learn how to acquire the resource. For any and all questions about Ingots in Palworld, keep reading my guide below and you’ll be a seasoned blacksmith in no time.

Getting Ingots in Palworld

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Ingots are primarily acquired by using a Furnace in Palworld. The first Furnace you can craft is called the Primitive Furnace and it’s unlocked via the Technology menu at level 10. It’s a requirement to upgrade your base as well, so you’ll have to craft it at some point.

Once you have unlocked and crafted a Primitive Furnace, you have to insert Ore into it, which then produces Ingots. You can mine Ore using a pickaxe and go to any of the large, brown rock formations on the ground in Palworld. These are hard to miss, as they’re located all around the island. It takes two Ore to make one Ingot, so make sure you mine enough and then head back to your Furnace.

Insert the Ore into the Furnace by interacting with the crafting station and then selecting “Ingots.” Then, decide how many Ingots you want to make.

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The final step is the trickiest one, as you need Kindling to power the Furnace. You can read my previous guide for a more in-depth look at how Kindling works, but basically, you need a Fire type Pal working in your base. The Fire type Pal will then come over to the Furnace and breathe fire, which powers the Furnace and starts producing your Ingots. When the Ingots are ready, go to the Furnace, press “Acquire,” and the Ingots will be deposited into your inventory.

You can now make better Pal Spheres, weapons, and a plethora of new crafting stations and base upgrades in Palworld.