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As you progress in your Base Upgrades in Palworld, you’ll eventually come across an objective to build a Primitive Furnace. This structure is used in the creation of Ingots, which are essential to numerous crafting recipes. However, before you can start using the Furnace in Palworld, you’re required to power it with Kindling.

You have likely never even seen the word Kindling appear in Palworld before needing it for the Furnace, which can be a little confusing. The game also doesn’t do the best job of explaining how to acquire and use Kindling. Luckily, I have a guide today that goes over everything you need to know about finding Kindling and using it to make Ingots in the Furnace in Palworld.

Getting Kindling in Palworld

First off Kindling is not actually a physical resource you can find out in the world. Instead, it’s a skill that some Pals possess, meaning you need to have those certain Pals working in your base to power the Furnace.

Screenshot via Upcomer

More specifically, any Fire type Pal has the Kindling skill and when put in your base, it will power the Furnace and allow you to produce Ingots. The earliest Fire type Pal you can run into in Palworld is Foxparks, which are found in high numbers right outside the starting area. If you catch one, equip it in your base using the Palbox and it will go to work right away powering the Furnace. Now, you are free to make Ingots and you don’t even have to do anything to produce them. All you have to do is insert the right number of Ore into the Furnace and then your Fire type Pal will take care of the rest.

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When the Ingots are done, you can approach the Furnace, take them out, and they’ll be in your inventory. You can now build several more advanced recipes in Palworld, including Metal tools and better versions of the Workbench.