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Gelatinous Mass is one of the rarest crafting materials you can get your hands on in Final Fantasy 16. Its main purpose in Valisthea is to create the Drakeslayer’s Bracelet, which is one of the best bracelets you can equip throughout the game. Naturally, Gelatinous Mass is extremely difficult to find, as there’s only one method you can use to add it to your inventory.

Want to easily acquire Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16? I can help you do it ASAP based on my own journey.

Getting Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16

The only way to get Gelatinous Mass is to defeat Flan Prince, the Muddy Murder, who is an A-Ranked Notorious Mark. If you’re unaware, Notorious Marks are basically creatures that you can hunt in Final Fantasy 16. You can continually hunt these marks by visiting the Hunting Board.

Unfortunately, you will not see the Flan Prince appear on the Hunting Board until you complete the main story quest called Captial Punishment. Once you complete that mission, you will be able to accept the Notorious Mark quest. Flan Prince is located in the Hawk’s Cry Cliff part of Rosaria. You can fast travel to the Auldhyl Docks and travel to the southeast until you reach Hawk’s Cry Cliff.

Defeating the Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16

Gelatinous Mass Final Fantasy 16
Provided by Square Enix

Here, you will find the Flan Prince, who is a giant jelly-like creature that can deal a ton of damage if you don’t outmaneuver its attacks. Flan Prince has a few main attacks, one of which is a quick attack that sees the creature jump at you after casting an elemental attack. So just because the Flan Prince looks slow doesn’t mean it is.

I was able to beat the Flan Prince by simply waiting for the small windows after its attacks and using those to get a few attacks in. Like all other fights, you want to stagger the Flan Prince and deal a majority of your damage during those periods. After the Flan Prince is defeated, it will drop the Gelatinous Mass as a Spoil, and you can find it in your inventory after the battle has concluded.

Crafting the Drakeslayer’s Bracelet in Final Fantasy 16

You are now one step closer to crafting the Drakeslayer’s Bracelet in Final Fantasy 16. The bracelet requires the completion of the Blacksmith Blues side quest as well as some other materials, including Scarlerite, Briar Clam Shells, and Dragon Talon.

The Drakeslayer’s Bracelet has 74 Defense and 23 Health stats and is one of the best pieces of equipment in Final Fantasy 16. It goes perfectly with the Drakeslayer’s Belt, which is only craftable after completing the Blacksmith Blues quest.

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