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When you first start playing Final Fantasy 16, you will be immediately introduced to Torgal, a small puppy that you seem to share a connection with. As you continue to progress in the game, you will find out that Torgal actually becomes your companion and is able to help you out in battle. Torgal has its own attacks and commands and can be quite useful when fighting a large group of enemies. However, some players are preparing for the worst and want to know: Does Torgal die in Final Fantasy 16?

It’s always your worst fears realized when one of your favorite characters in a video game winds up dead. Of course, that fear is multiplied by 10 when we’re talking about a small, furry animal. While some players might not want to know if Torgal dies or not, others do, so that’s what we’re going to be answering today.

There are slight spoilers for Final Fantasy 16 ahead, but only pertaining to Torgal.

Does Torgal die in Final Fantasy 16?

Does Torgal die in Final Fantasy 16?
Provided by Square Enix

If you came here hoping for the worst, then you can stop worrying. We can confirm that Torgal does, in fact, not die in Final Fantasy 16. Square Enix made the sound decision to keep Torgal alive for the entire duration of the main story, letting you keep your dog/wolf companion until the end.

This is a sigh of relief for many players, as they might have viewed Final Fantasy 16 completely differently if they knew Torgal was going to wind up dead. Or, even worse, if Torgal’s death was a complete surprise. Fortunately, no one has to deal with any of that trauma, and you can go on playing Final Fantasy 16 knowing that Torgal will stay alive and well throughout the entire game.

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