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XDefiant is the hottest new first-person shooter on the market and it’s certainly leaving an imprint on the community. Its fast-paced gameplay mixed with some classic FPS nostalgia has fans wanting more of it, especially after playing several different betas.

Some fans have been plagued with a variety of error messages as they are trying to get back into the action. One of those error codes is FOXTROT-01, which can be a tricky one to fix in XDefiant.

There are several error codes that all basically mean the same thing in XDefiant, which is basically that the servers are overloaded. Due to the overload, the developers have either shut the servers off temporarily or are using the error messages that let players in one by one. Either way, players want to know how to get past the errors quickly.

Fixing the FOXTROT-01 error in XDefiant

From what I can tell, the only true way to bypass the FOXTROT-01 error is to continually attempt to get into the game or restart your application over and over. It’s not the best solution, but I found that waiting for the developers to free up server space took longer than trying to brute force my way past the error message.

If you want to stay up to date with everything going on with XDefiant, then you want to check the social media accounts for the game. The official Twitter account has been great about updating the community about server problems or other issues. You can also view our previous guide on how to check the server status for XDefiant if the Twitter account has yielded no results.

Other than that, there’s not much you can do if you keep seeing the FOXTROT-01 error.

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