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XDefiant is one of the hottest new titles on the market.

While it’s not technically considered “new” by industry standards, its first-ever public beta is ongoing at the time of writing. Prior to this, there were several alpha playtests that took place, but nothing more. Now, thousands of fans have access to the game and its many maps, weapons, and operators.

Taking inspiration from the older Call of Duty titles, XDefiant has captured the attention of many first-person shooter fans. So much so, that the XDefiant developers have had trouble maintaining the servers. As a result, many players are interested in how to check the server status for XDefiant.

Over the course of the first week of the beta, XDefiant has gone down several times, with the Xbox version going offline for over two days. However, this was all due to maintenance, as the game has had issues with progression, error codes, and other bugs. While the servers look to be stable now, XDefiant players still want to know how to check the server status in case the servers go down again.

Checking the XDefiant server status

The best and easiest way to stay up to date with all of the news surrounding XDefiant is by visiting the game’s official Twitter account. The developers have been updating players relentlessly through this account since the beta went live. Usually, the account will say why the servers are down or what issues players can expect if they are able to get online.

In addition to that Twitter account, players can also visit the Ubisoft Support account, which has also been updating users on the status of the servers. While not as reliable as the regular XDefiant account, this should be the second place players look if they are experiencing connectivity issues.

Aside from those two accounts, no other location updates the server status regularly. If you are still having trouble getting online after checking these two accounts, you might want to restart your system or your internet router.

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