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The Finals medium build

The Finals: Best Medium build for Season 1

Get ready to heal and cause chaos.

The Medium build in The Finals is the most popular, a blend of aggression and support. It has the most options when it comes to build options because the Medium contestant is the most situational, able to pick a loadout based on their team’s strategy. Here are the best Medium build options for Season 1.

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Medium Build #1

  • Weapon: Model 1887
  • Specialization: Guardian Turret
  • Gadget: Explosive Mine
  • Gadget: Jump Pad
  • Gadget: Defibrillator

This is considered one of the best Medium builds in the game because you will have such strong defense. Use the Jump Pad to get your entire team to the destination as fast as possible, making it easier to start setting up a good defense before other teams catch up. Once in your desired location, place Explosive Mines in strategic spots (and Goo Grenades if you happen to have that as a gadget as well).

Your Model 1887 shotgun will allow you to deal massive damage if other teams get too close. The Defibrillator will let you revive teammates faster, ensuring you can all stand your ground effectively.

Medium Build #2

  • Weapon: FCAR
  • Specialization: Healing Beam
  • Gadget: Jump Pad
  • Gadget: Defibrilator
  • Gadget: Pyro Grenade

This is another powerful Medium build option, allowing you to support teammates from the backlines and deal some damage from safe distances. While using the Healing Beam to keep your Heavy player healed up, you can use the FCAR to deal damage from mid-range. Throw a Pyro Grenade if you need to deal some damage or disrupt teammates from afar. The Jump Pad is a great way to rotate your team quickly if you need to be more aggressive or back away from danger.