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Palworld is a brand new survival-hunting game that is already showing promise amongst the video game community. However, with it being an early access game, there are surely going to be errors that pop up. One nasty error that has caused a ton of problems so far in Palworld is called “OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate.”

This error only happens when you are trying to participate in the multiplayer side of things. I got the error when trying to make a multiplayer world and so have many others, making it a top concern for a majority of the player base. In this guide, I’ll go over why this error is happening and if there’s a way you can fix it in Palworld.

Fixing Palworld OnCreateSessionCompleteDelegate error

From what I can tell, this error only occurs when you attempt to create a multiplayer world. This error doesn’t happen every single time you try to make a multiplayer world, but it happens enough that this error has already become infamous within the Palworld community.

Screenshot via Upcomer

At this time, there only appear to be a couple of fixes that you can try to do. Other than these fixes, we simply have to wait for the developers to issue a patch and make the multiplayer world creation more seamless and error-free in Palworld. Here are the possible fixes you can try, which work for both PC and Xbox:

  • Restart your game and run it as an Administrator (right-click on its desktop icon)
  • Completely close out of Steam through Task Manager and load the game back up
  • Verify the Palworld game files on Steam (Right-click on the game in Steam Library and go to “installed files”)
  • Uninstall and reinstall Palworld

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If none of those fixes work for you, then you are likely out of luck until the developers find a way to patch this issue. You can also simply keep trying to create a multiplayer world, as I was able to bypass the error with brute force after several attempts. However, this did take some time, so be warned.

I will continue to update this guide with more information as it becomes available.