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At around the one-thirds part of the story in Redfall, you will take on a quest that requires you to visit Dr. Addison’s mansion. Dr. Addison is known to be the Hollow Man, the vampire that has attracted all of the cultists and started the infestation in the first place. You are looking for clues around his house and lab about why he decided to become the Hollow Man and how to stop him. Before you can do any of that, though, you need to find three missing dolls around the mansion, which sounds a lot easier than it is in Redfall.

These dolls are located in difficult parts of the mansion, making them not an easy item to find. However, with our guide below, you will soar through this quest and be able to continue on with the story in Redfall.

Finding the three missing dolls at the mansion in Redfall

We will go in order of how we were able to find the missing dolls, but there is no required order. You can collect the dolls in any order you wish. Below, we will show an image of where to find the doll along with an explanation of how to reach that specific location.

Find the first Doll in Redfall

find the missing dolls in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

The first doll is actually outside of the mansion. It’s located on one of the concrete planets inside of the greenhouse, which is located in the backyard of the mansion.

Find the second Doll in Redfall

Provided by Bethesda Softworks

The second doll cannot be found until you find the Loft key and enter the Loft on the second floor of the mansion. The Loft’s door is found in the center of the main hallway on the second floor while the Loft Key is found in the bedroom down the hall from the Loft’s door. The key is sitting on top of a cardboard box at the end of the bed. Once you have the Loft key, head up the stairs and find the missing doll sitting on the floor under the child’s fort.

Find the third Doll in Redfall

Provided by Bethesda Softworks

The third and final missing doll at the mansion is found in the kitchen. The kitchen is located near the back of the house and you can fin the doll sitting on the cutting board in the center of the middle counter.

Once you have all three missing dolls in Redfall, you can head to Amelia’s dollhouse, place the dolls down, and then proceed with the quest.

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