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There are dozens of keys that you will need to find during your time in Redfall. From keys that simply unlock a door in a random building to ones that are essential in progressing in a main story quest, your keychain will soon be full. One of the tougher keys to locate early on in Redfall is the Dead Catch Records Studio key, which is required to complete an early main quest.

In the quest, you are tasked with turning off a fake radio broadcast that is coming from the Dead Catch Records store. The radio broadcast stems from the store’s studio, which requires a key to unlock on the second floor of the building. If you want to gain access to the studio and unlock the Dead Catch Records Studio door, keep reading our guide below.

Finding the Dead Catch Records Studio key in Redfall

If you are looking at the Dead Catch Records Studio locked door, then all you need to do is head down to the first floor and go to the back of the store. Near the exit to the building, you will find a kitchen of sorts that has a table, refrigerator, microwave, and some colorful artwork on the walls.

To locate the Dead Catch Records Studio key, you can simply look on the white table with the radio on it, as seen in the screenshot below. The key will be sitting on top of the table, ready for you to pick it up.

Dead Catch Records Studio key
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

Once you have the key, simply head back up to the locked studio door, enter, and then you will be able to deactivate the radio broadcast by heading into the studio’s sound room. You can now move on with this main quest in Redfall.

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