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After you are a few hours into Redfall, you will take on a quest that requires you to visit Dr. Addison’s mansion and laboratory. This is following the revelation that the former doctor is the Hollow Man, the person behind the vampire infestation and the cultists popping up around the town. Dr. Addison has quite a large mansion, as there are several stories, a few different buildings, and a ton of different rooms to explore. If you want to fully explore all of the rooms inside the mansion, though, you need to find the Loft key, which is not simple to find in Redfall.

The Loft is a room that is found on the second floor of the mansion in the center of the main hallway. You eventually need to gain entry to the Loft if you wish to continue the quest. One of the three missing dolls that you need for your current quest is located in the Loft, so finding the Loft key is essential.

If you want to find the Loft key with ease in Redfall, keep reading our guide below.

Finding the Loft key at the mansion in Redfall

If you are looking at the locked Loft door, then all you need to do is turn left and go down the hallway. There will be a lit-up bedroom at the end of the hallway, which you need to enter. Inside the bedroom, you will find some colorful artwork on the wall and a bed that is covering up a window.

find the Loft key at the mansion in Redfall
The location of the Loft key in Redfall. | Provided by Bethesda Softworks

At the foot of the bed, there is a sheet that’s covering a crate and a cardboard box sitting on top of the crate. On top of the cardboard box is where you will find the Loft key. With the key in hand, turn back around, enter the Loft, and continue on with the quest at the mansion in Redfall.

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