How to find the Basswood Safehouse key in Redfall
Basswood Safehouse key Redfall
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How to find the Basswood Safehouse key in Redfall

The only way to enter the safehouse

The Safehouses in Redfall play an integral role in your progression throughout the story. Not only do they provide most of the side content in Redfall, each sporting two quests each, but they also give players the opportunity to acquire Vampire Underboss Skulls. These skulls are crucial to progressing in Redfall, so players will want to visit as many Safehouses as possible. However, some players aren’t able to get inside a certain Safehouse. More specifically, players are struggling to get inside the Basswood Safehouse in Redfall due to the need for a key to turn on the generator.

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When players approach the Basswood Safehouse, they will find the yellow generator right outside the underground bunker. When they approach it, though, the generator requires a key in order to be turned on. Without the generator being powered, players can’t gain entry to the Safehouse. If you want to find the Basswood Safehouse key in Redfall, then keep reading our guide below.

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Finding the Basswood Safehouse key in Redfall

Luckily, the Basswood Safehouse key could not be simpler to locate. If players are facing the yellow generator, all they need to do is turn around. In this direction, players will see a blue car with a dead body and blood on it. By taking a closer look at the car’s front door, though, players will see a shiny object dangling from the vehicle.

find the Basswood Safehouse key in Redfall
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This, of course, is the Basswood Safehouse key. Take the key and then turn right back around to turn on the generator. Once the generator has been powered up, you will be able to enter the Basswood Safehouse in Redfall.

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