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There are a couple of different forms of safe areas in Redfall. The primary safe area that you will come to know in the first half of the game is the fire station, which is where you can buy ammo, accept missions, and speak with other characters. However, there are also the Safehouses in Redfall, which act as a secondary safe area. These can only be activated once you have turned on the generator that is right outside of the Safehouse.

Inside the Safehouse, you can accept one to two missions, restock your ammo and medical supplies, and respec your skill points, among other things. While the Safehouses might not seem like a big deal to some players, you will eventually need to find most of them if you want to progress in the main story. Other players might want to find them simply to ensure they have explored the entire map and completed all of the side content.

Either way, if you want to see where all of the Safehouses are in Redfall, check out the guide below.

Finding all Safehouses in Redfall

As a note, these will only be the Safehouses in the Redfall Commons map. There is eventually a second map called Burial Point that features its own set of Safehouses and locations. Today, we will just be going over the first map’s Safehouses, which are seen below.

find all Safehouses in Redfall
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The Safehouses are indicated white the white house icon. There are five of them in total, spreading across the entire map. There is one Safehouse per major section of the map.

All of the Safehouses look and act the same, and players can complete up to two Safehouse missions at each of them. These missions will become important later on, so you might want to complete them when you have time. If not, a future quest in Redfall will require you to complete them anyway.

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