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Many quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will require you to head into the Depths, which is a new underground world in Hyrule. It’s an entirely different world down there, and players will need some help navigating to find specific locations and items. If you are in the Depths to complete the Master Kohga questline in Tears of the Kingdom, then you might be searching for the Abandoned Hebra Mine.

You will have to find the Abandoned Hebra Mine after defeating Master Kohga three different times in the Depths. After this, the game will tell you that the master is waiting for you in the Abandoned Hebra Mine. If you want to learn how to find the mine, I will go over the complete directions in the guide below.

Finding the Abandoned Hebra Mine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Where to find the Abandoned Hebra Mine in Tears of the Kingdom
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If you are currently in the Depths and need to find Master Kohga for your fourth duel with him, then you will be looking for a Chasm that goes further down into an underground facility. Unfortunately, to make your way there, you need to head back up to the surface and go to Rito Village.

Here, you will find an NPC that is facing the water on a cliff in the very southern part of the village. If you approach this location, you will find that the entrance to the Chasm you’re looking for is right underneath you on the cliff. To reach it, you can jump off the cliff, turn around, and glide your way into the Chasm. Be careful, though, as there’s Gloom immediately upon entering the Chasm. Make sure to avoid the Gloom and mark any Lightroots you see along the way.

Keep following the Chasm’s path until eventually, you reach the Abandoned Hebra Mine, which is a large open facility where Master Kohga will be waiting for you in Tears of the Kingdom. If you’ve wandered into this region and need a place to rest, you can read our previous guide on how to find Rito Village.

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