How to find and farm Coal in Palworld
How to find and farm Coal in Palworld
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How to find and farm Coal in Palworld

Refined Ingots on the double

As you unlock more and more crafting recipes through the Technology menu in Palworld, you’ll find you need an ample amount of advanced resources. More often than not, these higher-level crafting recipes in Palworld rely on resources that are only created using other advanced resources, such as Coal.

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Coal is the key ingredient in creating refined items, such as Refined Ingots. As you may already know, Refined Ingots are themselves an important resource for making upper-tier weaponry and base stations. However, even if you have explored the map in Palworld a great deal, you might not have any idea where to get Coal so you can start making some Refined Ingots.

In the guide below, I’ll show you exactly where you can get an inventory full of Coal.

Finding Coal in Palworld

For the most part, Coal is located in the desert region of the Palworld, which is located right in the center of the map. It’s directly in between Mount Obsidian and the Free Pal Alliance Tower atop the frozen mountain. You can see where it is on the map below for reference.

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Here, you’ll find an Alpha Anubis along with plenty of Ground-type Pals. You’ll also need to bring some form of Heat Resistant armor, as the desert will burn you up without it.

Once you’re at the desert, head to these coordinates: -161, -89. At this location, you’ll find five or six Coal deposits, which can be mined using your pickaxe. I suggest bringing a Metal Pickaxe to make your work faster. I also recommend having nothing in your inventory, as this allows you to bring back as much Coal as possible. One Coal weighs five pounds, so you need to allocate your carrying weight adequately to haul a bunch of it.

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This is arguably the best farming spot for Coal in Palworld. However, once you’ve mined that one spot, you have to wait for all of the deposits to respawn. In this case, you can travel around the desert region to find more Coal and wait for the farming spot to produce more deposits. You could also choose to build a base around some Coal deposits in the desert, which would allow you to assign Pals to mine the deposits and have them gather it for you.

If you go this route, check out our previous guide on the best Pals for mining in Palworld.

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