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What’s the point in even capturing Pals if you can’t send them off to do work for you? That’s why we’ve put together the best Pals for mining so you can send them off to dig up resources.

Look, having these cute little monsters running around with you is fun and all, but you know what’s more fun? Free labor. Put those little suckers to work. They yearn for the mines.

If you need your Pals to start getting into caves and digging up materials and minerals for you, here are the ones you should look to capture.

Best Pal for mining: Astegon

The Palworld Paldeck showing Astegon, a black Dragon-like creasture with purple claws and horns, and pink fire from its wings.
The only Pal in the game with Level 4 Mining. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Dark / Dragon
Skill: Black Ankylosaur
Work Skills: Mining Level 4, Handiwork Level 1

If you want the absolute best Pal for mining, you really can’t look past Astegon. It’s currently the only Pal in the game with a Mining Level 4 Work Skill, meaning it can dig up those precious materials you need faster than anyone else in the game.

On top of that, its Handiwork Level 1 means it can help you build and produce items in your base, so not only can it grab all those items for you, but it can also help you use them too. Astegon really is the perfect Mining machine.

Best early-game Mining pal: Digtoise

Palworld's Paldeck showing Digtoise, a brown creature with a black shell, and an orange skull.
Easy to catch early in your playthrough. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Ground
Skill: Drill Crusher
Work Skills: Mining Level 3

If you’re not very far into the game but still need a Pal who can help you gather resources, then Digtoise is your best bet. Digtoise has Level 3 Mining which makes them pretty adept in that role, but doesn’t have any other Work Skills to help with anything else.

Still, because they are found in the desert, which you visit early doors, it does make them easy to get, and a simple Pal Sphere is enough to add them to your crew.

Best all-round mining Pal: Anubis

Type: Ground
Skill: Guardian of the Desert
Work Skills: Handiwork Level 4, Transporting Level 2, Mining Level 3

If you’re looking for the best all-rounder, Anubis is the way to go. Their Level 3 Mining is still one of the best in the game, but where they really shine is with their other Work Skills.

Level 4 Handiwork means they are incredibly useful to have around your base in terms of building things for you, while Level 2 Transporting is very handy for carrying things around.

Alternative Mining Pals in Palworld


The Palworld Paldeck, showing Reptyro, a grey horned animal with fire.
A fiery teammate for your squad. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Fire / Ground
Skill: Ore-Loving Beast
Work Skills: Kindling Level 3, Mining Level 3

Reptyro can be a useful addition to your party, with Level 3 Mining meaning it is just as good at procuring ores as Anubis or Digtoise. Its Level 3 Kindling is also handy, and can be used to start fires or heat up furnaces as required.

The downside to Reptyro is that it’s only found near Volcanos, which are dangerous. If you’re geared up and can survive the elements, it could be worth going for one, but it wouldn’t be high on my list.

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Ice Reptyro

The Palworld Paldeck, showing a horned creature with blue accents and blue fire
A chilly version of Reptyro. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Ice / Ground
Skill: Ice-Loving Beast
Work Skills: Cooling Level 3, Mining Level 3

Ice Reptyro is just what it sounds like: A chillier version of Reptyro. It still has the Level 3 Mining ability, so can grab stuff for you, but rather than setting things on fire, it cools down items like Refrigerators or Cooler Boxes.


Menasting, a purple character with a scorpion tail.
A spikey character. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Dark / Ground
Skill: Steel Scorpion
Work Skills: Lumbering Level 2, Mining Level 3

Menasting is useful in a couple of different ways. Obviously, its Level 3 Mining makes it very capable of finding materials for you, but its Level 2 Lumbering means it can get wood and fiber for you too.

Unfortunately, they are not easy to catch, so it’s not a particularly strong choice, especially in the early game.

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