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The Grass type in Palworld features some extremely strong Pals, including Mammorest and Dinossum, which can be seen in the starting area of the game. There are even more powerful Grass types further out in the world, though, and one of the best is Broncherry.

Broncherry is a massive herbivore dinosaur that can learn some of the best Grass attacks in Palworld. However, Broncherry is extremely hard to catch and only spawns in a couple of specific locations on the map. To see where you can find and catch Broncherry in Palworld, check out the guide below.

Finding Broncherry in Palworld

Luckily for anyone looking to catch Broncherry in the early game, you can find the Grass type in a decently low-level region of the map. I recommend beating Rayne Syndicate Tower first and then traversing to the west of the tower to find Broncherry and a plethora of other strong Pals, such as Relaxaurus.

More specifically, you can find Broncherry in the spots seen on the map screenshot below:

Screenshot via Upcomer

At the more southern spawn point, you will find Broncherry around levels 20-23. I suggest bringing a Fire type, such as Vanwyrm, along with you, as those attacks are super effective against Grass types. When you go to physically catch Broncherry, make sure you’re using at least a Mega Sphere. While you can try with a Pal Sphere, your capture rate will be abysmally low. Mega Spheres give you a much better chance to catch Broncherry, especially when its health is low.

If you don’t want to try and head out in the wild to catch Broncherry, you can also hatch the Pal from a Large Verdant Egg in Palworld. However, these eggs are rare and you don’t have a guaranteed chance to hatch Broncherry from one, so it’s best to catch one the old fashioned way if you want the best odds at adding Broncherry to your party.